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Heroin effects

The three primary effects of heroin use are pleasure, relaxation and pain relief. Pleasure is derived via opioid receptor activation in the Ventral Tegmental Area, which causes dopamine release, which produces pleasure. Relaxation is derived via opioid receptor activation in the Locus Coeruleus which suppresses noradrenaline, which relaxes most major muscle groups. Pain suppression or pain relief comes about when specific opioid receptors in the brain stem are activated they disconnect the main pain pathway.

Tips For Quitting Heroin


Heroin addiction and the family

Being the loved one of a heroin addict is one of the most difficult experiences you will ever go through. Parents of heroin addicts worry that their child is going to die before they do. Spouses of heroin addicts worry that their husband or wife is going to infect them with HIV. Children of heroin addicts often feel unsafe at home. It’s a nightmare!


High-risk lifestyle

Most heroin addicts live a very high-risk lifestyle. Addicts practice a multitude of dangerous behaviors including sharing needles, smoking cigarettes, using other drugs, criminality and violence. One U.S. scientific study found that heroin users younger than 65 years of age experienced a drop in life expectancy of 18 years, not including HIV and Hepatitis C. Currently, the leading causes of death for heroin users are – heroin overdose (17% of deaths), chronic liver disease (15%), cardiovascular disease (12%), cancer (11%), accidents (8%), and homicide (7%).


The heroin problem

Pennsylvania has seen a huge jump in heroin related fatalities. Right now, more people die from drug overdoses than car accidents. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death. The current rise in heroin overdoses has made heroin addiction a statewide epidemic. Pennsylvania officials say the vast majority of heroin overdoses are in Philadelphia but heroin overdose fatalities are on the rise in neighboring cities, including Ephrata, Harrisburg and Williamsport.


Heroin overdose

Heroin overdose involves suppression of breathing and this occurs because heroin use suppresses noradrenaline production. Noradrenaline is what keeps your lungs breathing, so less noradrenaline means less breathing, also means less oxygen reaches the brain. Taking too much heroin slows respiration to a point whereby carbon dioxide can no longer be exchanged for oxygen. When this happens it’s usually followed by respiratory failure and death.


Heroin addiction treatment in Pennsylvania

An effective heroin addiction treatment strategy requires balancing the needs and concerns of patients, public health, law enforcement, and the medical community. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania State Attorney General has a special interest in heroin addiction and has pledged resources to fund the public awareness component of a comprehensive treatment approach to reduce the misuse and abuse of heroin.


What is the government doing?

Pennsylvania recognizes that a comprehensive treatment approach involves various stakeholders, including mental health services, law enforcement, hospitals and schools. Regardless of whether a controlled substance is prescribed by a health care provider, or obtained through a fraudulent prescription or some other illicit means, the law enforcement community can serve a vital role in investigating and prosecuting the most egregious offenders. The Office of the Attorney General is working with other states such as Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio, New York and New Jersey along with officials from the Federal government both the Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration in an effort to reduce the use of highly addictive prescription painkillers and illicit narcotics like heroin.


Addiction treatment centers


Most heroin addicts cannot simply walk away from addiction. Heroin addiction recovery typically includes both detoxification and treatment. Detoxification helps heroin addicts overcome their physical dependency by managing the withdrawal process. Heroin treatment helps change addictive thinking and behaving into healthy, addiction free lifestyles.


1. Sojourner House
5460 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 1-412-441-7783-11

2. Libertae, Inc.
5245 Bensalem Boulevard
Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone: 1-215-639-8681

3. Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery
125 North 18th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17103
Phone: 1-717-230-9898

4. Clear Brook Lodge
890 Bethel Hill Rd
Shickshinny, Pennsylvania 18655
Phone: 1-570-864-3116

5. Teen Challenge U.S.A.
33 Teen Challenge Road
Rehrersburg, PA 19550
Phone: 1-717-933-4181

6. Harbor Light Center
865 West North Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15233
Phone: 1-412-231-0500


Fast food heroin connections

Fast food restaurants are known as places where drug addicts congregate because drugs are often bought, sold and used there. The fast-paced environment and constant traffic make it the perfect cover for all sorts of illicit activities, especially drug sales. Intravenous drug users commonly use fast food bathrooms, because it is a safe place to shoot up.

An employee of a Murrysville, Pennsylvania McDonald’s was recently arrested for selling heroin in the parking lot while on duty. A Pittsburgh, PA McDonald’s employee sold heroin in Happy Meal boxes right out the drive-thru window. A mother of two young children who overdosed on heroin in a Scranton fast-food restaurant bathroom with her children present was arrested with a needle stuck in her arm. In November 2015 an assistant manager at Seasons Pizza in Wayne, Pennsylvania was arrested for selling drugs in the parking lot.
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