Heroin Withdrawal Treatment Centers Baton Rouge Louisiana


Parents of heroin addicts

The relationship a parent has with an adult child who is addicted to heroin is far outside the norm. Over time, the relationship becomes psychologically and physiologically debilitating. Parent’s emotions become submerged in grief because the child they once knew no longer exists. Parents have to deal with the loss of a child who is still very much alive, which means the stress never ends.


Heroin And Memory Loss


Heroin addiction in Louisiana

Heroin abuse in Louisiana exceeds the national per capita average. Its use and availability have increased over the last several years, fueling higher rates of addiction, overdose, and associated crime. The problem is affecting every Parish, but it’s particularly bad in the parishes of Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany.


Tips For Quitting Heroin


How heroin affects the brain

Heroin hijacks the thought processes of those who abuse it. It trumps a person’s own survival instincts and changes how a person perceives events especially dangerous events. For example: intravenous heroin users take more risks every single day then most people would ever take on any given day throughout their entire life.

The Heroin Compulsion

Once a person is addicted to heroin he or she stops at almost nothing to obtain more and more heroin. He or she will continue to seek and use heroin even if that means destroying relationships, losing a job or even going to jail.


Detox centers

Heroin withdrawal syndrome is uncomfortable, but rarely, if ever, life threatening, especially if the patient is in good health. However, heroin withdrawal may complicate concomitant medical conditions.

One of the main issues that healthcare professionals have to look out for during heroin detox, are patients with limited concentration. Patients may have difficulty retaining information, so it may have to be repeated or even re-phrased, in order for the client to comprehend what’s being said.

We also know that detox patients can be irritable, agitated and run-down; they may have mood swings and insomnia. Therefore, it is important to keep communications light and upbeat.

Many patients decide they want to deal with a range of personal problems during detox. It’s the first time they’ve had a clear head in a while, so they want to solve all their problems right away. As a rule, men and women in detox are not in the right frame of mind to solve significant life problems, and should be persuaded to defer all this until after heroin detox.

Attempting to work through challenging issues will almost certainly be emotionally painful and anxiety producing. It could also intensify heroin cravings and withdrawal symptoms and put the entire heroin detox in jeopardy. The best thing to do is acknowledge they have important issues to work through, but explain that it’s best to take one step at a time, and reassure them that there will be plenty of time to handle these issues after heroin detox.



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