Opium Oxidation

Oxidation of opium sap Oxidation of opium sap is a chemical reaction that takes place when the white sap that seeps out of the poppy seed pod combines with oxygen. As the sap reacts with oxygen it immediately starts to produce melanins, which turn

Can Heroin Mess Up Your Period?

  Studies show that heroin and other opioid use impairs sexual health. These impairments are different between men and women because each gender has distinct sexual reproductive systems. Male heroin users often have problems with erections, tes

The Main Difference Between Opiates and Opioids

Opiates are narcotics found within opium. They include morphine, codeine and thebaine, plus every narcotic that's derived from opium. On the other hand, opioids include all opium-like narcotics regardless of the source. You could say that opiates are

Common Heroin Addict Excuses

  Quitting all the way to the dealer's house Heroin addicts regularly say they want to quit. They often say they are going to quit. Again and again they make plans to quit. But they rarely do! Why is that? Why is it if you know something is ba