Mexico’s Drug Cartel Violence

  What Motivates Drug Cartel Violence? Transportation routes leading to the US/Mexico border, control of border towns and plain old greed account for most of the drug related murders between competing drug cartels. Unfortunately, many of those


Negative Emotional States Hyperkatifeia is an increase in the "intensity" of negative emotional states that develop during opioid withdrawal. Opioids administered in excess of need, i.e. more than the body needs to maintain health, will react to

Does Heroin Affect Testosterone?

Testosterone is an essential component of a person's sexual health. That is why it's important to understand the full impact that heroin plays on testosterone levels.   Androgens and Testosterone Androgens are sex steroid hormones. They are m

How Long Does Heroin Remain In Your System

Elimination half-life The "elimination half-life" is the time period it takes for the plasma concentration of a drug to be halved. Hence, each successive half-life, less drug is eliminated. After one half-life the amount of drug remaining in the b

The Primary Cause Of Heroin Addiction

  What is Addiction? Addiction is an uncontrollable drive to do something. Drug addiction is an uncontrollable drive to consume a particular drug. The Allure of Heroin   Drug Addiction Any drug that produces changes in brain reinforc

How To Help A Friend Quit Heroin

What to expect It's nice to help a friend. But if you're planning on helping someone quit heroin, you should know how to help them. First of all, your friend is likely to experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms, including body aches, sneezi