Heroin addiction is the supernova of drug addictions, and those who play around with it, often pay a heavy price. There is almost no way to avoid it. If you don’t die from heroin overdose, or from a virus, like HIV or Hepatitis C, you’ll probably die from an accident or get murdered. Every part of the heroin addict lifestyle is fraught with danger and almost no one comes out of it unscathed.


Heroin health

Heroin addiction will take decades off your lifespan, and the life you do have will likely consist of poor health and malnutrition. Undoubtedly, there will be brief periods of euphoric drug-effects, that’s true, but they will be short-lived. An hour or so in dreamland followed by ever increasing worry about how you’re going to get another fix. The heroin addiction lifestyle is a like flying to Hawaii for a wonderful vacation, but when the plane lands it crashes into the airport.
how heroin works

The Allure of Heroin