Heroin Tolerance

Tolerance to heroin When you talk about tolerance to heroin, or most any drug for that matter, you're talking about a decline in the effects of the drug following repeated use. Consequently, more and more of the drug, in this case heroin, must be

Helping A Friend Quit Heroin

Introduction to heroin withdrawal It is a kind thing to help a friend. However, it is good to know ahead of time what you're getting into. If you plan on helping a friend kick heroin, then know the following. Your friend is going to experience a v

Tips For Quitting Heroin

  Guidelines for Heroin Withdrawal   Restate the Issue A common issue to look out for during heroin withdrawal treatment, are men and women with a limited ability to concentrate. They may have difficulty retaining information, so inform

Heroin and Your Testosterone

  What is Testosterone? Androgens are male sex hormones that increase at puberty to help young boys develop into sexually mature males ready to reproduce. The most important androgen is testosterone, which is produced in the testes in men, in

Quitting Heroin Addiction

  Time to quit Many heroin addicts make the decision to quit after an accumulation of consequences. There is often a catalyst event that jumpstarts the decision to quit. It may be a dramatic and/or emotional event such as an overdose, medical

Heroin Addiction And Violence

When heroin was invented, it was a legal drug. Soon thereafter it was distributed around the world, and sold by pharmacists to suppress bouts of coughing from diseases such as "TB" and the "Whooping Cough." But by 1910, it was obvious to the U.S. gov