Heroin Tolerance

Tolerance to heroin When you talk about tolerance to heroin, or most any drug for that matter, you're talking about a decline in the effects of the drug following repeated use. Consequently, more and more of the drug, in this case heroin, must be

Signs of Heroin Overdose

Learn about heroin overdose Heroin overdose is a dangerous health event that typically occurs at home, and often in the company of others. What's more...many overdoses are strongly associated with concomitant alcohol or benzodiazepine use.  

Why Does Heroin Make Me Itch?

  What is itchiness? Itchiness is a subjective, irritating sensation arising from the superficial layers of skin that provokes an urge to scratch. Scratching is a reflex response to an itch. The command to start scratching comes directly from

Why Does Heroin Make You Nauseous?

Many people think that nausea is an allergic reaction, but it's not, it's actually a normal function of the brain. Nausea is a highly distressing queasy feeling that alerts your brain to the possibility of throwing up. Nausea can occur with or witho

Heroin Facts And Fallacies

    Heroin Classification Heroin is derived from Opium. More specifically, it is produced from Morphine, which is one of Opium's primary alkaloids. Curiously enough, heroin is manufactured differently by different drug cartels, which i

Why Does Heroin Make Me Constipated?

Heroin and constipation Heroin has powerful anti-diarrheal effects, and consequently, those who use heroin often suffer from constipation, as a matter of fact, constipation is the most common side effect of heroin use. We also know that heroin i