Heroin Tolerance

Tolerance to heroin When you talk about tolerance to heroin, or most any drug for that matter, you're talking about a decline in the effects of the drug following repeated use. Consequently, more and more of the drug, in this case heroin, must be

Signs of Heroin Overdose

Learn about heroin overdose Heroin overdose is a dangerous health event that often occurs at home, in the company of others, and many overdoses are strongly associated with concomitant alcohol or benzodiazepine use.   Heroin overdose is class

Why Does Heroin Make Me Itchy?

  Introduction: One of the more curious side effects of heroin use is an itchy feeling that spreads across small patches of skin. Heroin related itching typically occurs around the nose and upper part of the face. However, higher doses may aff

Why Does Heroin Make You Nauseous?

Nausea is not an allergic reaction, but rather a normal function of the brain. It is a highly distressing queasy feeling that alerts your brain to the possibility of throwing up. Nausea may occur with or without vomiting, but it typically, though no

Heroin Facts And Fallacies

    Heroin Classification Heroin is derived from opium. It is sold on the street as a white powder, a tannish-brown powder or a black sticky substance known as tar. No matter the form, heroin is highly addictive. It is classified as a

Why Does Heroin Make Me Constipated?

Heroin and constipation Heroin has powerful anti-diarrheal effects, and consequently, those who use heroin often suffer from constipation, as a matter of fact, constipation is the most common side effect of heroin use. We also know that heroin i