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Opiate Terminology

Alphabetical This is an alphabetical list of opiate terms and definitions. They are compiled to help people better understand what opiates are, what they are used for and their inherent dangers. A ______________________________________________

Do Opiates Blunt Your Sex Drive?

  Sex Drive Your libido is your drive for sex, and men and women are motivated to have sex because it produces pleasure. Unfortunately, many people who use opiates experience a reduction in sexual activity. Men who use opiates often lose inter

Do Opiates Make You Throw Up?

With opiates it's not the stomach letting the brain know it's going to throw up, but rather it's the brain directing the stomach to throw up. The brain detects opiates in your bloodstream and thinks it is a potential life-threatening situation. Th

How Heroin Affects Your Memory

Among heroin addicts there is an unofficial term used to describe heroin-related memory loss. That term is “CRS” which is an acronym for “Can’t Remember S__t." Not surprisingly, the science backs up the term. For instance, we know two thi

Mexico’s Drug Cartel Violence

  What Motivates Drug Cartel Violence? Transportation routes leading to the US/Mexico border, control of border towns and plain old greed account for most of the drug related murders between competing drug cartels. Unfortunately, many of those


Negative Emotional States Hyperkatifeia is an increase in the "intensity" of negative emotional states that develop during opioid withdrawal. Opioids administered in excess of need, i.e. more than the body needs to maintain health, will react to