What Is Heroin Addiction Like?

  The Allure of Heroin Imagine having no problems, because that is what the heroin high feels like. Of course it’s an illusion, but heroin addicts don’t care, because to them, in that moment, it’s real. Many heroin addicts refer to t

Mexican Drug Cartel Violence

  Mexico's Drug Cartels As of 2017, there are probably only 2 major factions of drug cartels operating in Mexico. The first faction, and most powerful, is the Sinaloa/Gulf faction and the other is the Juarez, Los Zetas and Beltran-Leyva factio

The Primary Cause Of Heroin Addiction

  What is Addiction? Addiction is an uncontrollable drive to do something. Drug addiction is an uncontrollable drive to consume a particular drug. The Allure of Heroin   Drug Addiction Any drug that produces changes in brain reinforc

Why Heroin Is A Prodrug

  Heroin is a pro-drug What is so ironic, is that heroin is a “prodrug.” In other words, heroin does not affect the brain. It is not so much that heroin cannot affect the brain as much as it does not affect the brain. That's right, heroin

How To Help A Friend Kick Heroin

What to expect It's a nice thing to help a friend. It's also a good idea to know, ahead of time, what the heck you're getting into. So if you are planning on helping someone kick heroin, than you should know how to help.   First of all, yo

Does Heroin Affect Testosterone?

Testosterone is an essential component of a person's sexual health and that is why it's important to understand the full impact that heroin plays on testosterone levels.   Androgens and Testosterone Androgens are sex steroid hormones. They ar