The Whatever Effect

Imagine having no problems, because that is what the heroin high feels like. Of course it’s an illusion, but heroin addicts don’t care, because to them, in that moment, it’s real. Many addicts refer to the allure of heroin as the “whatever effect.” Meaning that whatever is bothering them goes away whenever they use. Heroin not only produces pleasure but it also relieves pain, tension, anxiety and depression. In effect, heroin creates a whole new cozy world to live in – a place without pain – kind of. When a large dose of heroin is administered, usually by injection, snorting or smoking, the individual detaches from their surroundings, and drifts in and out of consciousness. This trance-like state is what heroin addicts strive for, and they reverently refer to it as “nodding out.”
how heroin works

The heroin addict personality